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John Scott's original headstone
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Dedicated to information about the Revolutionary War soldier John Scott (1763-1847) and his descendants.

All the information contained here is, hopefully, correct.  I have strived to make the data here as accurate as possible.  To that end, the genealogical information contained here is written in a style so as to make it difficult to copy without reading and understanding it.  Too much genealogical information is transferred on the internet without any concern for accuracy.  Once out there, trying to get incorrect information off the web is like trying to get pee out of a swimming pool.  I strive to be accurate, not to be publicized the most.

Since this record can never be "complete", it will always be a "work in progress".  Please be understanding when a link doesn't work or a page hints at more information that doesn't seem to be there.  I'm trying to build this record one generation at a time, starting from John Scott, the revolutionary soldier; collateral lines, descendants of his siblings, etc. will be added as I feel they're of interest.

If you find information on these pages you know to be inaccurate, please email me.  If you have photographs that you would like to share, then definitely email me!

And to anyone who wants to take this information and sell it: be aware that there is enough information here that is unique to this site, that I can prove it came from here.  Don't sell any information from this site.  Also please enjoy the photos on this site, as they are often not posted anywhere else- but don't sell them.

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