William Liddell & Nancy Scott family

WILLIAM LIDDELL SCOTT s/o John Wilson & Nancy Keith Scott b. 15 Mar 1795 Washington district, S. C. d. 6 Oct 1844 Mahaska co. Iowa  m. 8 Aug 1816 Orange (now Crawford) co. Ind. Nancy Scott, probable daughter of John Scott  b. 2 Apr 1798 Kentucky d. 18 Jan 1880 Daviess co. Mo. (Nancy stated in the 1870 census that her father was foreign-born). William & Nancy moved to Illinois about 1822 (although Ruth Scott Cline's obituary says they moved in 1837), and to Mahaska co. Iowa in 1843 (it was opened for settlement by whites May 1, 1843). "During the month of April, 1843, many people collected and camped on lands within the limits of the county waiting for the Indian claim to expire. Few of them attempted to sleep on the night of the 1ast of April, and as soon as their watches indicated the hour of twelve they commenced marking their claims. It so happened that many made their locations and commenced making improvements simultaneously, and it was, therefore, impossible to tell who was the first".

"The county was apportioned into election precincts previous to the April election of 1843, but was not regularly divided into townships until January 7, 1845, when the county commissioners defined the following: White Oak, Harrison, Spring Creek, Monroe, Union, Des Moines, Oskaloosa, Madison, Jefferson, Jackson, Cedar, English River, Lake, and White Breast. Jackson, English River, Lake, and White Breast were not part of Mahaska County, but were within the limits of other counties attached to it and ceased to be under the jurisdiction of Mahaska as soon as those counties were organized. Spring Creek was attached to Oskaloosa, March 11, 1845, and the name of Jackson was changed to Scott soon afterwards".  I'm trying to find out why it was changed to Scott and if that's where this family actually lived.

"In January, 1846, the commissioners of Mahaska County granted John Scott permission to establish a ferry across Des Moines River, at the mouth of Raccoon River, for a license fee of ten dollars. So far did the jurisdiction of this county extend at that time".  Who was this John?  John B. Scott, s/o Alexander Scott?

After William's death, Nancy Scott moved her family back to Dewitt co. Ill. by 1850 (and were said to have stayed in Illinois for 2 years, encompassing 1850), then returned to Mahaska co. Iowa by 1855, when they moved to Daviess co. Mo.

L-R Back: Nancy Ann Scott Wright, Isabella Louisa Scott Wymore, Alexander Scott, Matilda M. Scott Glenn, William W. Scott, Mary K. Scott.  L-R Front: Sarah Jane Scott Hobbs, James Hugh Scott, Ruth L. Scott Cline, Andrew C. Scott.  Missing from photo: John E. Scott (assumed deceased), Thomas Martin Scott (deceased), Levi W. Scott (deceased), Samuel Porter Scott. Photo believed taken about 1880.

They had 14 children:

Author: Matt Scott